Monday, 20 May 2013

Tech Task #2 - Googliciousness Part 2 Google Calendar

I usually have several calendars on the go and now that  I have found Google Calender it would be a great way to keep my crazy life organized and it is stored online so I don't ever have to worry about the hard drive on my computer crashing.
But Google Calender so much more than being a handy calendar that cannot be lost to keep your life organized. One of the great features is the ability to sync the calendar with the calendar on your smart phone!keeping all of your important info in one place! It also allows  you to create more than one calender to keep different types of events and information separate, and then it also allows your to share these calenders with other people. You could share a particular calender with your students and their  parents to keep them up to date on their homework, tests, quizzes and any other important dates that they might need to know.
Google Calender could also be useful if you were coaching a sports team or leading an extra curricular activity where you needed to create a practice/ meeting  or game schedule that you needed to share with the students.
With the Google desktop software you can even have your calender appear right on your desktop.
Who knew that there was so much that you could do with a simple calender! I have only just begun to explore what Google has to offer and I have so much more to learn, but I do know that I am very excited to continue exploring the calender app and continuing to learn how to use even more of the Google Apps!!


  1. I think that the Google calendar is an amazing tool for people with multiple schedules on the go (like teachers!!). I only offer one caution in using it if you plan it implement it in the classroom. While our students are part of the technological generation, some still prefer to keep their own paper calendars. Make sure you don't try to force you own organizational preferences on your students. I know I would be very irritated if a teacher wanted me to stop using my day planner in favour of a digital one. Furthermore, remember some students may not have the ability to access a google calendar from a handheld device like you can. Perhaps you could keep some updated paper copies of your calendar in the classroom. If I have learned anything about teaching, it's that if you want your students to remember something offer that information to them in many ways! That's what I like about using Remind101 for this class. Even people without smartphones can get the reminders!

    1. I also have some of the same concerns that you have mentioned here. Thanks for sharing some of your ideas on how to avoid problems! I know that I will have to get to know my students and find what works best with them and how this app can best suit their learning needs!