Saturday, 22 June 2013

ECMP 355 Final Reflection!!!

Here is my Final Reflection  for ECMP 355! This reflection took me a long time to create as I struggle with how to make it.

 I originally thought about doing something like an RSA Animate, but I didn't really have the materials (like a whiteboard or chalkboard) where I could effectively create it. I then found a really neat website where I could make an animated cartoon. I started with this and really liked it until I found that it wouldn't let me do the things that I wanted, such as insert my own pictures and voice without buying the full version.

After playing around with several other ideas I decided that I would use the Adobe Premier Elements program that I already have on my computer to create my final reflection. Which turned out to be  a good things as I learned to do some new things with this program such as layering multiple photos and text in a single frame. (I had never experimented with more than two at once!). I enjoyed making this video and reflecting on my learning for this class and I hope that you enjoy it!

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