Sunday, 23 June 2013

Social Learning

During this class I felt that I contributed to the learning of others by sharing my own learning experiences on my blog, and I was even able to post at least three times every week! Any time I came across something that interested me and I wanted to learn more about I shared it on my blog.  Examples of these posts are Studentsand Social Media, Some Neat Ideas and No More Homework. In these posts I explored different aspects of using technology and how they could enhance not only my own teaching practice but my classmates as well.

I  posted about things that challenged my thinking or I struggled with in how I felt about the topic. A couple examples of these post are That's so … and Teachers Quitting! Should We Be Concerned?

And I also posted about great (well at least I thought they were great) ideas about different tools that I want to use in my classroom this fall such as Using Music To Create Awareness and Word A Day.

The  comments from my classmates on my blog posts have helped to further my learning as well as they helped to challenge me to think in new or different ways about what I had posted.

I hope that my classmates found these posts useful and I have contributed to their learning in some way as I know that I have learned a lot from these posts and exploring how and why the things I have posted about can be useful in the classroom.

I also tried to comment on several of my classmates’ blogs every week. (Unfortunately I did not keep a very detailed list of all of the blogs that I posted comments on every week L) I hope that I was able to contribute to the learning of others by asking questions and offering my own thoughts on what they had to say on their blogs. But this was also helpful for my own learning as my classmates were able to answer my questions to help me learn more about the particular topic of their blog post.

I have learned more from my classmates and guest speakers that we have had in the class than I had ever imagined. I loved being able to see the feed of all of the posts on the ECMP home page where I could daily scroll through and read everything that my classmates had to say about teaching and technology. I have gained so many great ideas and tools that to use that I don’t know where to begin because I just want to try everything.

One form of social media that I have been struggling with how to use in the most effective and professional manner is Twitter.  While I do not have all of the answers for how to use this tool in the best way for me, several post by my classmates have helped me through this struggle.  One post that I found very helpful was the Twitter Experiment by Swati

This has been a great class and I have loved the collaborative learning element through the blogs and the guest speakers. I feel that I have learned so much more by being able to read the blogs of my classmates and interact with them compared to having to sit in a classroom and listen to a professor lecture about the material.  Not only have I learned about how to use many different tools and forms of technology but, more importantly, I have learned how to best learn from it. I have learned so many things in this class that I am so excited to incorporate into my classroom this fall during my internship and in my own classroom in the future.

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