Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tech Task 5 Part 3: About Me

To help create my online identity I created an About Me page!
The only problem I had when created this page was deciding what apps to add to it. I added an app that linked to this blog, as well as my Google + account, but it was after that I ran into some difficulty.
I knew that I did not want to add an app for my Facebook as I use it as a personal page and have my security settings fairly high, so it would not be beneficial to have it linked to my About Me page.

Next I had to decide about my Twitter. I use my Twitter for a mix of both personal and professional and I am still having a hard time deciding what to do with it. My Twitter account has a large focus on music and following and interacting with different bands and musicians. While I don't post anything on my Twitter that would be deemed as "inappropriate" or something I wouldn't want my future students to see, I feel that it lacks professionalism.

I have debated about creating a second Twitter account (and I have created it, I just don't use it at the moment) to use for professional purposes. My only problem with creating a second account is taking the time to maintain it, and the question of whether or not it would be a true representation of me?

While I continue to struggle over how I want to use Twitter I have decided not to post an app for it on my About Me page. I hope that by continuing to read that blogs and hear the thoughts of my fellow ECMP 355 classmates I will be able to sort out my thoughts on Twitter and come to a decision on how I want to use it!

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